Spot Adventures has profiles for people with Spot Satellite Messenger accounts to share their location and trips with their friends - Evan purchased a Spot Satellite Messenger from Amazon earlier this year - chances are he has an account in this system. The profile page accepts the user_id in the querystring - it appears 47052 is currently the highest user_id in their system.

Decrement the user_id in the querystring by 1 then refresh the page. Is it Evan? Repeat. Use this page to tell us which blocks of IDs you will be checking, and report any possible Evan profiles. The higher the user_id, the newer the account.

Tip: Save yourself some typing and use the 1-click increment or decrement bookmarklets here:

I'll get it started:

@mescad: 42285 appears to be the lowest ID, so I'll start there and go up. 42285 to 43000 No

@searchforevan: 43001-43100 NO... I found a 2008 account in this block, so maybe we should work backwards from the top, as his account is at least as recent as april

@searchforevan 43101-43199 no... :(

@mescad 43200-43299 NO

@evan_ratliff 43300-43399 NO

@mescad: 43400-43499 NO

@searchforevan 43500-43599 NO

@searchforevan 43600 -43999 NO

@mescad: 44000-44499 No

@Shannon1027 completed 44500 - 44699. Did not see anything of interest.

@mescad: 44700-44799 NO

@mescad: 44800-44999 NO

@searchforevan: 45000-45199 NO

@jarrod_r: 45200-45299 NO - Can someone pick these up? @mescad taking over.

@searchforevan: 45300-45399 NO

@evanoffGrid: 45400-45500 no joy Evanoffgrid 16:39, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

@evanoffGrid: 45500-46700 no joy Evanoffgrid 17:18, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

@evan_ratliff: 46500 - 47052 nothing

@jarrod_r : Might be as far back as we want to go.

Since we didn't find anything, here are the best of my "probably not Evan" list:
- Trip called "Furthur" -> Ken Kesey reference
- Name = "Mike Evans"
- Trip = LA area through Vegas and beyond
- Name = "Donald", Cross country trip, going through Illinois