Date Data
July 15 Credit card transaction - "Ahearn Group, LLP - $31.94" Frank Ahearn confirms Evan purchased his book "How To Disappear".
Aug 8th Sent package via Fedex to Nat'l Geo. Cost: 19.12 (PACK1)
Aug 10th Fedex package signed for by "D. Person".
Aug 12th Spent 29.34 at Fedex to send package to his Brooklyn house. (PACK2)
Aug 13th Paid 60.52 at Oil Can Henry's at 300 7th St San Francisco, CA 94103. Credit Card statement states 'for parking'.
PACK1 shows up on his credit card.
Took photo of Henry, his cat. Appears to be on a sofa. Exif data identifies camera as a Nikon D70.
Crossed Carquinez Bridge bridge heading East. Tolled $4. Trips are tolled only going East.
Aug 14th

Spent 28.46 at Best Buy (located at 1717 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94103). Speculation has revolved mostly around him buying a prepaid cell phone.

Las Vegas Carmax cuts check payable to Evan for $3,000, at Germania Street, San Francisco address.

Aug 15th The contest begins.
Takes photo of his cat, this time on a leash on a SF sidewalk. Exif data shows a Canon SD600. Dated the 15th at 2:21. Sun appears to be mid morning.

Speculation: Exif data modified or date/time not set? Could show "2hrs21mins" into contest?

Aug 17th Spent 171 at Bar Crudo in San Francisco
32.84 credit at Pet Food Express. Possibly returned item.
109.08 spent at REI in San Francisco
Transfered 1500 from savings account to checking account #1.
Transfered 360.75 to checking account #2.
Second Fedex package shows up on credit card.
Daily computer usage log:
  • 5:37 pm (Tor, Germany)
  • 5:08 pm (Tor, Netherlands)
  • 2:18 pm (Tor, Virginia USA)
  • (time not known) (Tor, Los Angeles, California, USA)
Evan's twitter (@theativist) suspended due to suspicious activity
Aug 20th @nxthompson posted the IP address dated 7pm 8/20 [1] this traces to San Diego, CA
Evan or a look-alike with the exact same hat is interviewed on Venice Beach, CA. sometimesdaily
Aug 21st Picture posted by @nxthompson, left by Evan. Discovered to be the left half of the London Fullham Football Club's logo
Evan resurfaces, deposits 3000 and makes two withdrawals of 300 from an ATM at 1300 4th ST, Santa Monica CA. This is presumably a Wells Fargo, since there is one at that location. Street View is blocked by a bus, however.Speculation: he sold his green 1999 Honda Civic.
Aug 24th @nxthompson confirms $3000 deposit is a check from CarMax.
Aug 25th @nxthompson lists new credit card charge: "August 24 Viceroy Hotel Rest Santa Monica CA - $17.00"
Aug 29th @nxthompson posts new IP addresses for Evan. IP address does not appear to be a masked address and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This indicates Evan was in Las Vegas at approximately 5 p.m PDT on August 28th.
Sep 4th Evan holds tickets to Delta and Northwest airlines flights on this day from LAX and PDX to SLC and from SLC to JFK per @nxthompson
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